Stock Control and Inventory Dynamics with Excel & Python.

Apply the Best forecasting model and inventory policy for all the Products in your Assortment and much more!!


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The course has two quizzes and a lot of excel /Python practice on real   inventory  cases.

With the ever increasing reliance of supply chain management to deliver. supply chain jobs become one of the highest in demand jobs of the twenty first century, it is one of the jobs that will not be affected by automation because of its nature as a critical thinking and resilient profession. And with the procurement function In supply chain being the heart and soul of feeding the supply chain with product/material, distribution  is  equally as  important because it streamlines the flow of products to the end customer.

Wwe explain in detail analytically and practically the inventory  side of the supply chain.

I am excited to share with you this course that talks about inventory in great detail, I can go as far as saying that the applications inside this course is not anywhere as the inventorize package that is developed by me and has more than 60000 downloads thus far is developed by yours truly.

Inventorize package has a lot of functionalities in my daily consulting activities with multi-national retailers and I would love to share its  nitty gritty details with you. Not only this the course discuss the basics also and ascends step by step to the more advanced first by excel and then using Python.

with this course, Based one students demand.we take it one step further; we combine Supply chain , Devops and Data science to make a comprehensive inventory course for you.

Don’t worry If you don’t know how to code and new to python, an introductory section is included. we learn step by step by applying supply chain analysis!

*NOTE: Full course includes downloadable resources and Python  project files, Setup Codes, lifetime access, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this course we will get to know :

1- Types of inventory, EOQ and its variations and how to calculate inventory costs. (Excel)

2- Inventory KPIs and how to  force an inventory policy with a desired fill rate/service level. (Excel)

3-  Aggregation and disaggregation affect on inventory.(Excel)

4- Python crash chapters if you do not know python.

5- Create an EOQ program in Python.

6- assigning desired fill rate with Goa seek function (Python).

7- Forecasting in python.

8- Inventory simulations in Python.

9- Forecasting with inventory simulations in Python.

10- Inventory for seasonal products and how to apply markdowns for them.

Hope you enjoy & Happy Supply Chain mining!


Rescale Analytics

Feedback from Clients, Training and other online courses:

“I attended this course with high expectations. And I was not disappointed. It´s incredible to see what is possible with Python in terms of supply chain planning and optimization. Haytham is doing a great job as a trainer. Starting with explanation of basics and ending with presentation of advanced techniques supply chain managers can apply in real life.”

Larsen Block

Director Supply Chain Management at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions GmbH

“In Q4 2018, I was fortunate to find an opportunity to learn R in Dubai, after hearing about it from indirect references in UK.

I attended a Supply Chain Forecasting & Demand Planning Masterclass conducted by Haitham Omar and the possibilities seemed endless. So, we requested Haitham to conduct a 5-day workshop in our office to train 8 staff members, which opened us up as a team to deeper data analysis. Today, we have gone a step further and retained Haitham, as a consultant, to take our data analysis to the next level and to help us implement inventory guidelines for our business. The above progression of our actions is a clear indication of the capabilities of Haitham as a specialist in R and in data analytics, demand planning, and inventory management.”

Shailesh Mendonca

Commercial lead-in Adventure AHQ- Sharaf Group

“ Haytham mentored me in my Role of Head of Supply Chain efficiency. He is extremely knowledgebase about the supply concepts, latest trends, and benchmarks in the supply chain world. Haytham’s analytics-driven approach was very helpful for me to recommend and implement significant changes to our supply chain at Aster group”

Saify Naqvi

Head of Supply Chain Efficiency

Who this course is for:

  • Inventory Managers
  • Supply chain managers
  • Buyers
  • Demand planners
  • Supply planners
  • Retail planners

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