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IDEA Statica 22: Steel Connection Essential Training

Structural Engineering Essentials: Model the Steel Connections with IDEA Statica


This course covers all the key areas for the IDEA Statica software.

During this course, you will learn about the unique CBFM method used for calculating connections in IdeaStatica, which combines the classic component method and finite element analysis for more precise results and the ability to model complex designs.

The CBFM approach allows the software to quickly calculate extremely complex topologies of nodes.

To get you started I will show you how to download and install IdeaStatica. You will learn how to access the software’s cloud-based licensing system, and how to use a 14-day trial version if you don’t have a full license.

Additionally, you will learn how to connect IdeaStatica to other software, such as SCIA Engineer, and how to access various software modules and online learning materials within the software.

After we installed the software on your computer correctly we will move on to the main part of the course.

That includes the lessons in which you will learn how to: navigate your way through IdeaStatica, manage your project and understand fundamental IdeaStatica processes, model the structural elements, model the loads, model the connection elements, perform stress, deformation and buckling analysis and create project reports.

After this course, you will use the software efficiently and be prepared for the field of structural engineering.

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute beginners who want to learn the software from beginning.

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