Consumer Privacy And Data Protection

A Practical Guide To Protect Important Data, Practice Data Transparency And Build An Effective Work Plan


Are you looking to learn more about consumer privacy but don’t know where to start? Are you looking for an easy way to understand privacy laws – without having to read complex legal texts?

This course will cover how you can protect yourself and your business when it comes to privacy. Any compromise in privacy can have costly consequences for a business so we are going to help you be as secure as possible and avoid paying large fines and losing the faith of customers.

Every day we share personal information without realising the potential consequences. From using social media to online shopping, we’re constantly handing over our data without a second thought. This course will teach you the GDPR laws in full, so you are always fully informed and never caught out.

In a world full of scams and the risk of data breaches, millions of people are concerned about their privacy and data protection. That’s why we created this course – to help you understand the basics of consumer privacy and data protection laws.

Our course is designed to help you understand the latest consumer privacy and data protection laws, so you can protect your business and your customers. We’ll walk you through everything from common issues to potential liabilities in a global economy. Plus, we’ll show you how to build an effective work plan for protecting consumer privacy.

You’ll learn how to keep data safe both online and offline and let your customers feel rest assured that their personal information is in good hands.

So, if you’re ready to take your data protection to the next level and rake in new customers who trust you and your business wholeheartedly, then enrol today!

Who this course is for:

  • General managers and employees who don’t know the basics of privacy and data protection compliance.
  • Data Privacy Officers that want to refresh their knowledge.
  • Individuals who want to pursue a career in privacy and data protection.
  • Business owners and individuals who plan on starting a business.

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