Master Course in Corporate Governance and IT Governance 2.0

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Master course in corporate governance and IT governance 2.0

How does Corporate Governance work?

In a nutshell, corporate governance is the process of administering a company like a monarchial state, which sets its own laws, policies, and customs.

As a financial term, Corporate Governance is a system of rules, processes, and laws that govern how businesses operate. In order to achieve a high degree of corporate governance, most companies go to any lengths to do so. The board of directors has to make sure corporate governance is aligned with the company’s objectives and mission.

IT governance: what does it mean?

By aligning IT strategy with business strategy, IT governance provides a structure. Formal frameworks can help organizations reach their goals and produce measurable results. In addition to stakeholders’ interests, a formal program takes staff needs and processes into account. Overall enterprise governance is a big part of IT governance.

I’d like to teach these 5 topics in this master’s course:

1. Introduction and Importance of corporate governance and IT governance

2. Pillars, concepts and the role of corporate governance and IT governance

3. How to measure, improve and evaluate corporate governance

4. How to establish and audit IT governance

5. How does corporate and IT governance contribute to a company’s success?

Who this course is for:

  • All UG and PG Business students, Company, business and corporate owners and Leaders
  • Business directors, Executive directors and CEOs

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