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Web Application: Step by Step Guide

Web Application Part-1


1. What is meant by computer network?

2. What is the meaning of stand-alone computer?

3. What is peer-to-peer network?

4. What do you mean by Client-Server architecture?

5. What are the various advantages of Computer Networking?

6. What are the different disadvantages of networking?

7. What are the four main types of computer networks on the basis of geographical area covered by the network?

8. What is the meaning of LAN?

9. What is meant by Metropolitan Area Network?

10. What do you mean by Wide Area Network?

11. What is the meaning of Personal Area Network?

12. What are the various differences between LAN, MAN and WAN?

13. What is the meaning of world wide web?

14. What is meant by Internet?

15. Do you agree that users of internet are increasing day by day?

16. What is the difference between Internet and world wide web?

17. What is the nature of internet: hardware or software?

18. Whether world wide web is independent of internet?

19. What is the full form of DSL?

20. In 3G/4G/5G, what is the meaning of “G”?

21. What is the full form of WiMAX?

22. Do you agree that in case of satellite internet access, data has to travel thousands of miles to reach the user?

23. What is the full form of ISDN?

24. Why big websites or organizations place their web pages on different servers in different countries?

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