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Thermodynamics-I: A Beginners’ Guide

Heat, Work, Laws of Thermodynamics, Entropy, and more for Engineering Students


What is thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics is a branch of science that deals with heat and work, and the interaction between these two.

How is thermodynamics important?

Thermodynamics plays a vital role in everything from making hot coffee and baking pizzas to launching rockets and satellites.

What will you gain from this course?

This course covers the following:

  • Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics: Definition and Terminologies, System, Boundary, Surroundings, macroscopic and microscopic properties, state, process, cycle, and so on.

  • Work and Heat: Energy and its types, properties, and significance of work and heat, and energy conversion work and heat during various processes.

  • First Law of Thermodynamics – Non-flow process: Definition, internal energy, and so on.

  • First Law of Thermodynamics – Flow process: Unsteady and steady flow energy equation and its application to real-time devices like pumps, compressors, boilers, turbines, and so on.

  • Second Law of Thermodynamics: Definition, Kelvin-Planck, and Classius statements and their equivalence, Carnot Principles, heat engine, heat pump, refrigerator, efficiency and coefficient of performance.

  • Entropy: Concept of entropy, Clausius inequality, change in entropy of the system, change in entropy of surroundings, the total change in entropy, and entropy generation.

  • Properties of Pure Substances: Formation of steam, types of steam, dryness fraction, calculation of specific enthalpy.

This course also includes solved numerical examples, interactive quizzes, and assignments/exercises in each section for self-evaluation.

The numerical examples are solved in a step-by-step process, explained with clear concepts so that the students will be able to understand without any ambiguity.

What support will you get?

You will get answers to your questions, doubts, and clarifications within 48 hours of submitting your queries.

Who this course is for:

  • Science and Engineering students at graduate and post-graduate levels.
  • Working professionals who wish to refresh their knowledge for advanced courses.
  • Working professionals curious to learn the significance of heat.

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