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Step-By-Step Ethereum Smart Contract & Web3 Development 2023

Build Professional Ethereum Blockchain Apps With Solidity, Ethers.js, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin… + 85 Page Course Manual


This course is ideal for you, if you are looking for a quickstart into the fascinating world of blockchain and Web3 development.

Build a complete Web3 app that uses the most in-demant tools and technologies…

You will be building a complete Web3 application that is relatively simple, but integrates all tools, technologies and methodologies that are currently used by the biggest and most well-known applications in the blockchain industry.

Some of those tools and technologies are…

Solidity, Ethers.js, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, MetaMask RPC API, IPFS, Pinata API, Etherscan, React + Vite, Remix, Sepolia…

We’ll focus  on the essentials…

The features you’ll be using on a daily basis as a professional Blockchain / Web3 developer… And, we won’t worry about all the smaller details you’ll almost never need.

Of course, every professional Web3 projects has its particularities and you sometimes you will be forced to dig really deep. No course in this world can cover the nearly infinite amount of challenges you may encounter – not even the ones that contain 100+ hours of content…

You’ll get a  rock-solid foundation as Ethereum/Web3 developer…

The goal of this course is to introduce you to all major tools and technologies and to provide you with a rock-solid foundation. From there, you will easily be able to go further, to dig deeper and to find the solutions to your programming challenges.

I’m not a big fan of spending weeks and even months going through lengthy training courses and that’s why I tried my best to keep this course as short and concise as possible without neglecting any of the really important stuff.

I recommend, you acquire the basics and fundamentals as quickly as possible… and then you actually start building stuff and have fun solving those challenges you will encounter in real-world projects…

And, that’s exactly what this course has been designed for!

A a step-by-step blueprint to build real-world Blockchain apps…

In short, you get a step-by-step blueprint that provides you with all the knowledge you need in order to successfully build complex, real-world, decentralized applications (Dapps) for the Ethereum blockchain.

The tools and technologies you’ll be using

  • Solidity – Smart Contract Programming Language

  • Hardhat – Smart Contract Development Environment & Local Developer Blockchain

  • Ethers.js – JavaScript Library for Interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain

  • OpenZeppelin – Open-Source Framework for Building Secure Smart Contracts

  • Sepolia – Ethereum Test Network (Running PoS)

  • React & Vite – JavaScript Frontend Library & Build Tool

  • IPFS & Pinata API – Decentralized File Storage & Media Pinning Service

  • MetaMask RPC API – Protocol that allows MetaMask to Communicate with Ethereum and EVM Compatible Blockchains

  • Remix – Browser-based Solidity Compiler & IDE

  • Etherscan – Block Explorer and Analytics Platform

  • Git & Github – Source Code Version Control System

This is much more than just a regular video course…

Of course, you get the complete source code of the finished project (smart contracts, Hardhat scripts and React frontend).

You also get an unfinished “Practice-Project”. This project already contains all non-blockchain relevant code (like HTML, CSS…) and you have to provide all blockchain related features you’ll learn throughout the course. I provide you with detailed comments (//TODO blocks in code) so, you know exactly, what kind of feature needs to be provided and where it needs to be provided.

In the Solidity section of the course we’ll be coding various simple smart contracts for all important Solidity topics and there will also be several assignments. And, yes, you also get the code for those smart contracts as well as for the solutions for the assignments.

I also understand, not everyone is a visual-only learner. Some people prefer written content and that’s why I also provide you with several written documents…

You get the entire course manual that provides you with everything you learn throughout the course in written form: discussion of the various tools and technologies we are using, code analysis, important Hardhat, Node.js, Git… commands, links to important websites, screenshots…

You also get several “Quick-Guides” for the most important technologies we are using, like Ethers.js, Hardhat MetaMask RPC API… and there are a few others. Sometimes it’s a bit complicated and tedious to find what you are looking for in the official docs of those technologies and that’s why I distilled the most important features, classes, methods and properties – the ones you need on a daily basis as a blockchain developer – for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who want to build Ethereum blockchain applications with Solidity
  • Anyone technically oriented who wants to get a deeper understanding of building Web3 applications on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Developers looking for a quickstart into the exciting world of Smart Contract and Dapp development
  • Professionals who want to add “Blockchain Developer” to their resume

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