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SQL Introduction Course 2023: SQL Crash Course.

Using PostgreSQL & applicable to Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL for Data, Apps and Web development.


Looking to master PostgreSQL and improve your data querying skills? Look no further than this comprehensive course!

Through real-world examples and challenging exercises, you’ll learn everything you need to know about PostgreSQL, including:

– Using the Airlines Database to query real-world data

– Installing and creating tables in PostgreSQL

– Understanding SELECT statements, WHERE clauses, and operators

– Advanced techniques like GROUP BY, HAVING, and Aggregation Queries

– Handling time and date data in SQL

But why bother learning SQL in the first place? For starters, SQL is a declarative language that enables non-IT professionals to query data without needing to ask a programmer for help. By learning SQL, you’ll develop new mental models for thinking about data, which is a powerful skill in today’s data-driven world.

Plus, PostgreSQL is free, open, and unlimited, making it the perfect tool to learn about relational databases. It has exhaustive and detailed documentation, and its advanced implementation of SQL is very close to the SQL standard, making your knowledge transferable to other SQL databases.

But perhaps the most compelling reason to learn SQL is its relevance to today’s job market. Having PostgreSQL knowledge on your resume and online profile can make you a highly attractive candidate to recruiters, opening up new career opportunities and possibilities for advancement.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll in this course today and take your PostgreSQL skills to the next level!

May also be the ultimate reply when your development stalls – which isn’t precisely comforting, but a lot better than knowing there is no viable answer.

Relational databases are nonetheless the workhorses of the laptop industry. PostgreSQL has an advanced implementation of SQL and is very close to the SQL standard. So your know-how would be of use as it is transferable, so different SQL databases are reachable to you.

It’s correct for your thought – and your career!

Still want convincing that gaining knowledge of SQL is worth it?

Well, in addition to developing new neural pathways in your brain, it could do wonders for your profession possibilities as it will make you a applicable candidate. Having “PostgreSQL knowledge” in your CV and on-line profile will almost clearly attract the attention of recruiters.

Who this course is for:

  • Are you want to learn more about SQL & PostgreSQL?
  • Are you ready for willing to master SQL basics?
  • Are you ready for willing to use SQL in web development?
  • Are you ready for willing to use SQL to build a database to facilitate your business?

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