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Solid Edge 2022 CAD + NX CAD + NX CAM (Siemens CAD / CAM)

Solid Edge 2022 & NX CAD (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting) + NX CAM (Manufacturing) + NX Post Builder


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Course Main Contents (5 Courses!):

  • Course 1:                Solid Edge 2022 (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting) Essentials

  • Course 2:               NX CAD (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting)

  • Course 3:               NX Sheet Metal

  • Course 4:               NX CAM (Milling – Turning – Wire EDM) + NX 2027 CAM Interface

  • Course 5:              NX Post Builder

Course Description:

  • After this course, you will be able to use the NX CAD / CAM & Post Builder to do Modelling & Machining for any Part and to use NX CAM with any CNC Machines.

  • After this course, you will be able to use the Solid Edge CAD (Modelling – Assembly – Drafting).

  • After this course, you will be able to create G code for Milling, Turning and Wire EDM operations (3 Axis & Multi Axis).

  • You will be professional user in NX CAM.

NX Package Contents:

 1- G Code & CNC Overview

2- NX CAM Milling (3Axis, 4 & 5 Axis)

3- NX CAM Turning

4- NX CAM Drilling

5- NX CAM Wire EDM

6- NX CAM Millturn

7- NX Post Builder

8- NX Sheet Metal

9- NX CAD Sketching

10- NX CAD Modelling

11- NX Synchronous Modelling

12- NX Surface Creation Basics

13- NX Assembly Overview

14- NX Drafting Overview

15- Solid Edge CAD Sketching

16- Solid Edge CAD Modelling

17- Solid Edge Assembly Overview

18- Solid Edge Drafting Overview

19- NX 2027 CAM Interface (New Additional Sessions)


  • You will download all parts that we used during the course and more parts for practice.

  • The implementation of this course is in NX 11 & Solid edge 2022 but you will be able to implement using any version.

  • You will have full technical support with me.

  • Weekly additional Exercise will be added to the course according to students requirements (If Required).

  • Additional NX CAM 2027 Interface sessions added to the course to be able to use the latest version.

Who this course is for:

  • Mechanical Production Engineers
  • Technical Person
  • CAD CAM Engineer
  • Mechanical Students
  • Manufacturing Engineers

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