Shopify Program 2.0 – Shopify Mastery course (Zero to Hero)

Create Shopify store with step by step action plan & go from beginner to advance – Premium theme included – No coding


The premium theme is included with this course to help you boost your conversion rate plus shipping, FAQ template, email template are also included

About this course:

This course will help you to create your Shopify store in just 2 hours. I will provide the exact roadmap/action plan which helps me to create a Shopify store in just 2 hours which is ready to do sales.   I will also tell you Shopify hacks which will save you money and will add more functionality to your store.

This course is perfect for those who are absolute beginner or intermediate who wants to create a Shopify store or want to learn about Shopify. You don’t require any experience or coding skills, I will cover everything from basics and will create a store from scratch to take you from beginner to advance.

Course Contents:

  1. Overview of Shopify

  2. Roadmap/action plan

  3. General settings

  4. Creating pages and adding them to store

  5. Integrating domain and payment gateway

  6. Adding products

  7. Customising theme

  8. Adding apps

  9. Email marketing

    and many more

About me:

My name is Mohit and I have 4+ years of experience in creating Shopify stores and created 28+ stores. I have run both physical products and digital products (ebook, courses) stores and did dropshipping in India and US. Through my experience, I can help you to create your Shopify store in just 2 hours. I have mentored and taught 7k students through my mentorship and online courses.

I’ll be showing you all the basic tools and tricks to use while creating our store and scaling them. Thank You, See you in the course. This course includes the updated version of Shopify. The majority of tools/apps which we use to create are free.

Who this course is for:

  • Who wants to learn about Shopify
  • Who are interested in drop shipping/ online business

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