Retail Management Diploma Course Program

The purpose of the course is to acquaint the learners with the practical world of retailing


The course is so designed to cover relevant topics related to retail management in a step-by-step manner. By the conclusion of the course, the learners will become well versed in the practicalities of the retail management world. The course will impart knowledge to the learners about genesis, history, development, structure, dynamics, importance, and effect of retail management as a subject matter.

The purpose of the course is to acquaint the learners with the practical world of retailing. Retail management is currently one of the rapidly emerging careers in the industry with the retail market being one of the most important parts of the economy. Through this course, learners will be able to learn from top to down, everything about retail management.

An introductory session will be there which will deal with the basics of retail management, strategic retail management, situational ethos analysis, the technique of customer targeting and intelligence acquisition, selection of store location, retail business management, merchandise management and pricing thereof, dealings in customer communication and retail strategy to be followed.

Retail Management is a united part of Supply chain management, making shopping a pleasant experience to the customers making sure that they leave the store with a smile. Previously retail only meant sale from the stores, or door to door or hand delivery, but now the trend has changed giving a boom to the retail industry. Nowadays, retail is done in a wide scope via online means, where the retail industries are establishing the network marketing by online shopping, using websites and other technology, allowing e payments, and courier services.

For a comprehensive end-user satisfaction, Retail Management is an art that requires employing various tools of logistics management, giving relief to the consumer to shop without any struggle.

Who this course is for:

  • Students: Student who are seeking a diploma in SCM/Retail, this course is definitely for them, as it will give them wide scope and opportunity to gain practical knowledge on retail right after their education, also this course will make their CV attractive to the employers, making them stand ahead of all. Professional: Professional who is already working in the Supply Chain team, this Retail Management Course will enhance their knowledge about Supply Chain, and help you grow in your organization, getting a salary hike and designation hike. Entrepreneurs: Those who run their own business, driven by customers, this course will teach them all the techniques and tools of customer relationship management which ultimately results in the growth of sales, which is the prime objective of any business or businessman.

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