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Qigong for Energy, Joy, Serenity

A two-week journey with daily qigong standing flows, qigong yoga fusion flows, and meditation. Open to joy, calm, health


Are you ready to calm your mind, emotions, body? Are you ready to open to more joy in your daily life?


My goal in this program is to create a sacred container for you to:

  • Release agitation, restlessness, racing thoughts

  • Let go of old energy, stress, thoughts and emotions weighing your down

  • Fill up with new, potent energy for health and vitality

  • Gracefully flow into more well-being and tranquility

  • Gently move into the stillness of the present moment

  • Come into balance in body, mind, and soul

  • Develop more self-mastery

  • Expand the heart into the love frequency

  • Take all this goodness into your daily life for more joy, energy, serenity, success, love, and abundance

As you flow with the breath in the gentle qigong standing classes, powerful energy alchemy is taking place. The seated meditations enable you to activate your energy for profound resonance. As you progress through the program you will feel the energy more and more as you move and as you sit in meditation.


Qigong for Energy, Serenity, Joy is a two-week, fourteen day program containing a standing qigong flow as well as a seated meditation for each day of the week. In addition to classic Qigong standing flow classes, there is a Hatha Yoga class, a Yin Yoga class, and some Qigong Yoga Fusion Flows included in the program to increase your flexibility, strength, and bring you into deeper body health and well-being. The course culminates with the powerful Cosmic Orbit Meditation, or the Wheel of Light.


You can expect the daily standing flow practice as well as the meditation practice to take about 35 minutes each day Monday through Friday. The practices are between 40-60 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays.


Yes! You are welcome to repeat the two week progression as many times as you like. Each time you go through the two -week program you will increase your ability to feel the energy moving and to actively work your light. Once you’ve completed the course you can go back and do the videos in any order that feels intuitively perfect for you based on your energy levels, the season, and your lifestyle that day.


You can slow the program down to fit you best. The important thing is to select a pacing that you can commit to and not break your promise to yourself to practice consistently. This could mean that you dedicate one day a week to your standing practice and seated meditation and space the program out over 14 weeks instead of 14 days.

Even starting with one day a week can increase to a daily routine if you are consistent and patient with yourself.


  • All levels classes. Use props in the yoga classes and trust your body. Only do what feels good to you.

  • Anyone looking to calm their thoughts, emotions, and body, to increase their energy and health, and to open to more joy, serenity, and love.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Friendly

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