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Project Finance Overview – From Inception to Financial Close

How infrastructure projects are financed around the world


Infrastructure Finance, also called Project Finance, is not just another form of investment banking. It finances our roads and our bridges, our hospitals and our power stations. It breathes life into our economy.  In this course, you will learn how infrastructure deals are financed and what makes them so complicated.  The course covers project finance structures, risk mitigation and provides insights from subject matter experts.  It also includes insights from the top-rated Financial Modelling Podcast, as well as supporting material such as example contracts and loan agreements.

Matthew Bernath, the trainer, has been intricately involved in the financing of large infrastructure deals, including renewable energy plants, toll roads, property and other infrastructure.  He was previously a specialist Project Finance Modeller and hosts the Financial Modelling Podcast.  Matthew has worked on or advised Infrastructure Deals throughout Africa.

Project Finance focuses on the financing of long-term infrastructure.  Given the size of these projects, the structuring of these deals is complex and often governs how projects are constructed and operated over time periods of up to 20 or 30 years.  As infrastructure generally benefits the wider public, Project Finance can involve both Public (Government) and Private Parties.  When the government and the private sector come together to enable infrastructure to be constructed and operated, it is referred to as Public-Private Partnerships or PPPs.   

The course covers a high-level overview of project finance modelling and does not contain any project finance modelling exercises; however, overviews of Project Finance models are provided via videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Bankers
  • Infrastructure financiers
  • Project sponsors
  • Government
  • Infrastructure developers
  • Project financiers
  • Project finance bankers
  • Infrastructure finance bankers
  • EPC companies
  • O&M companies
  • Entrepeneurs interested in infrastructure
  • Development finance institutions
  • Entrepreneurs

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