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Photoshop For Architects : Zero to Hero

Complete architectural photoshop course that will 100% level up your skills!


You don’t know anything about “Architectural Photoshop?” You are STRUGGLING with learning this software as an architect or a student?

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are in the RIGHT place!

We will start just from zero, from the dust! We will go through every single method as architects. From creating images and drawings to the final architectural presentation and layout. You will learn fast techniques and strategies to save as much time as possible through your study years or architectural career. Indeed, you will never need to attend any other courses after you take this one!

Here is a quick hint about the content:

  1. intro and interface

  2. breaking down the workflow

  3. use photoshop as an architect

  4. improve your drawings

  5. add live to your renders

  6. present your project as a pro!

All you will ever need to do is to bring your notebook, and a pen and attend this complete easy understanding architectural Photoshop course. As an instructor, I would love to advise you not to apply during watching the lecture. Instead, take as many notes as possible and then try to memorize the things you have learned to apply them on your own.

I would be so grateful and happy if you would communicate with me through this platform or my personal social media platforms! You will all be more than welcome. Now, without any further words

Let’s jump in!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners and Advanced Architects

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