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Masterclass for Effective Time Management

Strategies to achieve Success, Happiness and Self-actualization in life


In this course, we discuss the strategies of time management which can help us achieve success, happiness and self-actualization in our life. In this course, we shall have video classes as well as quizzes to help the learner develop a deep understanding of time management.

This course is based on extensive research and my personal experience of more than 25 years of an IRS officer, educator, entrepreneur and writer. I have myself applied these practices and I can vouch for the effectiveness of these techniques.

You will find many interesting stories and anecdotes in this course to understand the concepts in the most lucid manner.

We shall be using many principles to make the best use of your time and create time to pursue your passions and fulfil your dreams. We shall be discussing the use of principles for time management like Parkinson’s law, Risk management techniques, Divide and Rule, Decision Making, Lateral Thinking, Goal Setting, Pareto’s Principle, The 40/70 Principle, Rocket science principle, Eat the frog principles etc.

Most time management courses focus on using time smartly to maximize productivity. However, a human is not meant to mere produce, reproduce and consume. Each person is unique and his happiness comes by identifying himself, finding his goals in life, and realizing his full potential

This course is meant to help you grow as a person to be the best version of yourself, enjoy happiness and realise your dreams.

The course is divided into Modules and Lessons and each lesson has a video lesson. In order to make the best use of this course, you must,

  • Listen to the videos carefully

  • Don’t make notes while watching the videos

  • Download notes at the end of each Modules

  • Take the tests at the end of each Modules

This course is meant for everyone: students, professionals, managers or leaders.

Once you complete the course, you shall get the following benefits

Greater productivity and efficiency

  • Enjoy the workplace, teamwork

  • Good professional reputation

  • Increased self-confidence,

  • Faster Career progression

  • Stress-free, relaxed and peaceful life

  • Intimate relationship with family and friends

  • Time for recreation, relaxation, sleep 

  • Time for pursuing passion, sports, fitness, vacations

  • Self-actualization, realizing our full potential

Join this unique course of time management to transform your life and realise your dreams.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone, beginners as well as experts.

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