Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Basics 101 to Advanced

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In simple words, Logistics can be explained as the management of the flow of things from the point of origin until the point of consumption. Logistics briefs us about purchasing goods and transporting to the final destination according to the industry standards by following rules. It deals with a complex operation with the activity of involved are

  1. Inbound transportation

  2. Outbound transportation

  3. Fleet management

  4. Warehousing

  5. Material handling

  6. Inventory management

  7. Demand planning

Logistic management is a part of supply chain management that deals in meeting the customer demand through proper planning, control and movement of storage and goods. Logistics management helps companies to reduce costs and enhance customer services by providing goods more accurately and on time.

The logistics management starts with the collection of raw material from the source and making a stock of goods. The stock is made in a huge amount and stored in the warehouses for further distribution. The whole stock is imported from companies or maybe another source available for raw material. A proper listing, sorting, and pricing of goods is done by making regular reports to sort out all the things.

A further role of the distribution of goods is done as per the customer demands and the stock is transported to different cities as per the requirement. The main advantage of doing this is that a company doesn’t have to open a manufacturing plant in all cities instead they can make stock in regions. This makes it easier to deliver the stock on time as per the requirement.

Skills will you learn in this Logistics and Supply Chain Course

This Logistics and Supply Chain Course consists of several topics that cover almost the required knowledge for a candidate to get a job. Further, the topics covered in this syllabus are given above and using that what skills you will learn are: –

  • You will be able to handle a warehouse and manage all the activities happening over there.

  • You will be able to manage the relationship with the customer.

  • You will be able to set the exact prices for goods by gathering all the information.

  • Handling all the data and generating a report of it which gives the exact calculation of imported goods and exported goods.

  • Maintaining proper records and making the MIS report as per you have taught.

  • You will be able to get all management skills to handle the team and managing employees.

  • You will be master in bargaining the goods while importing and can give good prices while exporting which gives maximum benefit to the company.

Who this course is for:

  • Basically, for this Logistics and Supply Chain Course candidate should be an MBA student or a Practitioner who wants to develop his knowledge to get growth. Sometimes, this logistics management course is beneficial for the business people as well who want to expand their business in logistics. People who are passionately willing to work in the logistics field or warehouses can opt for the same. Because there are some locations Even fresher can opt for this Logistics and Supply Chain course if they are willing to learn and get the maximum benefit out of this by learning detailed knowledge.

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