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Large Language Models and Generative AI Interview Questions

Large Language Models and Generative AI Interview Questions

100+ Real LLM/Generative AI Interview Questions and Answers, Advanced Techniques, Interview Prep, Questions from FAANG!


Yes, conducted research using the most extensive collection of interview questions from Fortune 500 companies and top firms such as Google, Microsoft, Meta, and so on.

Our carefully crafted interview prep on “Large Language Models and Generative AI Interview Questions” seeks to address the 27 million employment gap in the worldwide AI business.

After thorough investigation, a carefully selected set of Real 100+ questions and answers from prestigious businesses like FAANG and Fortune 500 is included. These are not hypothetical questions; rather, they are genuine interview questions that will give you a practical idea of what to anticipate.

We’ve designed this course with the recognition that securing a position at a top-tier company often presents a single opportunity, and our aim is to ensure you’re fully equipped for success.

This course prioritizes comprehension over memorization. It’s focused on grasping the underlying principles rather than just memorizing solutions.

Additionally, the course equips you with interview skills, including clear communication, efficient time management, and handling interview pressure. It serves as your comprehensive resource for excelling in your next AI interview and advancing in the field of AI.

Topic Covered in the Course:-

  1. Understanding Prompt Engineering & Fundamentals of LLM

  2. Exploring Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Systems

  3. Learning about Data Chunking

  4. Studying the Embedding Model

  5. Delving into Vector DB

  6. Exploring Search Mechanisms

  7. Investigating Large Language Models

  8. Understanding Supervised Fine-tuning (SFT) for LLM

  9. Examining Deployment Strategies

  10. Exploring Hallucination Phenomenon

  11. Conducting Evaluations

  12. Exploring the Role of Agents

  13. Understanding Prompt Hacking Techniques

    This course is entirely text-based and self-paced, focusing on four key elements:

  • Offering a thorough understanding of each topic’s concepts.

  • Presenting real interview questions and answers from leading companies.

  • Including code examples as needed.

  • Concluding with multiple-choice assessments to gauge comprehension of learned concepts.

Will this course update the interview questions going forward?

Yes, this course will be updated with new interview questions & case studies as the field evolves or provide additional questions asked in top companies with their respective answers from the course.

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Who this course is for:

  • Data scientists and machine learning engineers looking to specialize in LLMs and generative AI techniques.
  • Students or professionals transitioning into AI roles who want to gain expertise in LLMs.
  • Researchers exploring new advancements in natural language processing and generative AI.
  • Anyone passionate about artificial intelligence and eager to delve into cutting-edge technologies like LLMs and generative models.

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