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Innovating with Biomathematics

The challenge of building user-friendly interfaces for computational biology


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This course was officially launched on Thursday Morning Science. See Thursday Morning Science – 08/04/2021 on the YouTube channel

Università degli Studi dell’Aquila E-Learning. This presentation will give you a better idea whether the course is for you!

I have prepared also for you “Why I have launched “Innovating with Biomathematics””, see on our YouTube channel “Theoretical and Mathematical Biology”  You are going to have an overview of the course content and structure! 🙂

Please, let me know your thoughts on the matter, you can easily talk to me inside the course!

The course aims at bridging web developers, as I did on my postdoc, and biomathematician and life scientists, without regarding math; people get scared when see math.


Short view of the course

When we create mathematical models to biology and medicine, an imperative challenge is how to make them available to the respective users/public. Software such as Matlab™ has been doing a nice work on that direction. However, it is my belief that anyone could use their expertise to create online platforms, for making their models into codes, and codes into user-friendly interfaces.  See an amazing discussion I did with Dr Jonathan Karr “Innovating with biomathematics | In Conversation with Jonathan Karr” on our YouTube channel  “Theoretical and Mathematical Biology”

On this course, I use an example for my most recent research period to make a point: user-friendly interface is imperative for making mathematical models available properly to the medical and biological sciences.  One of my concerns was JavaScript being powerful enough, it is! See my article “Why am I considering seriously JavaScript and Deep Learning? and I would suggest you to do so” on my profile on Medium. 

In this course, I present an online platform that endows users with an interface designed to support medical doctors on applying computational biology to their decision process. This example is used to raise discussions and insights into the challenges of designing user-friendly interfaces to computational biology.

Moreover, I also talk about topics related to startups in healthcare and how it can support biomathematicians on their quest for making their models easily available to professionals with little, or even, no expertise on computational models. I truly believe the time is ripe for that since the technology I like to use, as an example, can easily be implemented machine learning based systems, see “MEAN + TensorFlow.js: a single language, a single data exchange format for machine learning based web applications!” on my profile on Medium.


Join me on this endeavor with your lines of codes, and set of equations!


About personalized medicine:  one aspect of personalized medicine is aiming at identifying specific targets for therapy considering the gene expression profile of each patient individually. The real-world implementation of this approach is better achieved by user-friendly bioinformatics systems for healthcare professionals.


You may want to know:

This course is ideal for those that want to learn more about computational biology and innovative online systems based on computational biology.

This course is NOT ideal for those that want to learn about applications, the coding processes, I am planning to bring that on another courses! We already have one in Portuguese called “Mongoose, Test Driven Test-driven development, NestJS, Jest: Aprenda sobre o funcionamento do Mongoose focando em testes


Keywords. Systems biology; target therapy; personalized medicine; user-friendly interface; web applications.



Pires, J.G. (2022). Innovating with Biomathematics: the challenge of building user-friendly interfaces

for computational biology. Academia Letters, Article 5792. 


Main references:

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Jorge Guerra Pires, Gilberto Ferreira da Silva, Thomas Weyssow, Alessandra Jordano Conforte, Dante Pagnoncelli, Fabricio Alves Barbosa da Silva, Nicolas Carels . “Galaxy and MEAN stack to create a user-friendly workflow for the rational optimization of cancer chemotherapy. “ Omics Technologies Toward Systems Biology. Special Issue.

The Startup Owner’s Manual: The Step-By-Step Guide for Building a Great Company. Book by Bob Dorf and Steve Blank

Who this course is for:

  • Computer scientists waiting new horizons
  • Life scientists wanting to learn more about how models can be used to innovate
  • Biomathematicians curious about insights on how to use their models to innovate
  • Innovators looking for new ways to innovate

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