How To Ask For A Raise Or Promotion

Full 12-month strategy, goal setting, tips to become a top-performer, and scripts for asking for a raise and negoiation


Take the smart approach to getting a raise by starting to plan for it during your job interview or your last job review!

When you do that, you give yourself goals to work towards. These goals give you energy and motivation to improve.

As you improve, you’ll transform yourself into a much stronger performer, and it will be natural for you to get a raise.


There are three scripts. The first script is to initiate the discussion about your raise and invite your boss to schedule a meeting to  have a meeting to discuss your raise.

The second script is for how to approach your main conversation with your boss about getting your raise.

The third script is for how to negotiate with your boss in case your request for a raise was rejected or you got a low-ball raise that is below your value.


This course is designed to be only 1 hour long so you can complete it in one day, and immediately put its strategies to use in the real world without having to waste time watching a long course.

Invest in yourself! Enroll today!

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for all working professionals.

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