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Cultivating Happiness through Decor


In this class, you will discover the power of interior design in evoking a sense of joy. We will explore a myriad of examples from the world of interior design and delve into their profound impact on our happiness and joyous emotions.

During our journey, we will begin by examining the essence of joy and its typical manifestations. Next, we will explore several environments known for their ability to elicit joy. By analysing the five critical elements in these environments, we will uncover their direct influence on our joyous experiences.

Lastly, five class lessons will be dedicated to a specific environment. Within these lessons, we will explore how different aspects of home interior design can replicate those environments and create an atmosphere brimming with joy.

Below, you will find a detailed description of each of the six lessons:

1. Joy: Understand joy, its common instances, and five key attributes in joy-invoking surroundings.

2. Abundance: Get familiar with the idea of abundance aesthetics and explore the use of interior design to promote a feeling of abundance in our homes.

3. Surprise: Learn how interior design can trigger surprise, kindling a feeling of happiness. Learn how to include elements that pleasantly surprise us.

4. Play: Let your inner child free by looking at how elements from our childhood and the “cute aesthetic” can make our spaces more playful. Learn how these aspects can foster happiness.

5. Creativity: Participate in the playful act of creativity and see its unique power to generate joy. Understand why it’s essential to reserve a place for creativity in our homes and ways to nurture creativity in our everyday lives.

6. Connection: Appreciate the crucial part social connections have in our search for joy and well-being. Understand how space design promoting meaningful connections with others can enhance our happiness. Learn the value of creating spaces that encourage unity and good relationships.
7. Nostalgia (extra lesson) – Understand the relationship between reminiscence therapy and our decor. Learn about the three ways you can curate your decor to generate nostalgic and joyful feelings about the past.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone passionate about creating an environment at home that fosters creativity, playfulness, nostalgia, and meaningful connections.
  • Individuals keen on understanding the psychological impacts of interior design and want to leverage it for personal well-being.
  • Aspiring interior designers who wish to deepen their understanding of how design can influence emotions and well-being.
  • Homeowners or renters looking to infuse their living spaces with elements that heighten joy and happiness.

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