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Hands on Introduction to Programming with Python

Learn Programming using Python, fast and confidently with many coding exercises


  • This course aims to get you up and running fast and confidently on your journey to learn Python Programming. Trying to avoid bloat and fluff without reason.

  • It uses a hands on approach with many coding exercises along each lecture with just the right amount of theory needed to proceed. Coding exercises is a feature that Udemy offers and makes programming oriented courses much more fun and effective.

  • People that want to learn Python Programming or Programming Fundamentals fast and confidently will benefit greatly from this course. More specifically Teachers, Educators, High School Students, Undergraduate students will find it very helpful for their needs.

  • Simple english language is been used in order to not have much cognitive “weight” and not get you bored or tired.

  • Although Python Programming language is been used throughout of this course, all the algorithmic concepts that you will learn can be applied to other programming languages as well.

  • After the completion of this course you can consider yourself an Advanced Beginner Python Programmer and you can proceed on Intermediate Python courses in order to hone your skills.

  • A few humor lines are been thrown here and there, just for making things friendlier and funnier while teaching a technical course.

Who this course is for:

  • For students that prefer the hands-on way using coding exercises
  • For undergraduate students that need to get up and running fast with Python for their university course
  • For CS Teachers and Educators that want to make their own courses
  • For high school students that want to learn the hands-on way
  • For enthusiasts that want to learn Programming with Python fast and confidently

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