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With so many styles and flavor profiles, there are plentiful samples of Gin to choose from. And therein lies the problem. With so many varieties to select from it is often difficult to make a selection at that bar or restaurant, or to know what to mix it with.

This course is aimed at fixing all that!

This course will bring any novice to an expert, in an amazingly short amount of time.

WARNING: THIS COURSE GETS TECHNICAL AT TIMES! I have tried to be as detailed as possible. Some reviews have stated the course is too technical at times, but I think better to give too much info than not enough.

This course reviews:

  • An in-depth understanding of all types of Gin

  • Gin Types & Styles

  • Juniper Flavored Spirit Drinks

  • Gin

  • Distilled Gin

  • London Gin

  • Old Tom Cat Gin

  • Plymouth Gin

  • Sloe & Flavored Gin

  • Navy Gin

  • Pink Gin

  • Regions

  • How to make 25 popular Gin Cocktails

  • Gin production methods – Batch, Continuous & Compound

  • Flavors & Aromas

  • Gin botanicals and how they effect flavors

  • Pairing Gin with Food and Cigars

  • Popular Brands Review & Tasting Notes

  • Legal Standards of Gin in the U.S. & EU

  • And for full rounded education, the History of Gin

*Bonus lecture- Wine, Spirits, Cocktails & Beer Glassware Recommendations

With knowledge on the many different types and flavors of Gin, one can be confident in making a selection, recommending Gin for others to enjoy or blend with other ingredients to make wonderful cocktails.

Here we explain, clearly & concisely, all that’s needed to fully understand these types of Spirits and how to serve them properly.

 Class is in session. Drink Up!                                                                                                                                   

Who this course is for:

  • Novice bartenders, servers
  • Mixologists who need to fully develop their knowledge
  • Anyone interested in Gin or alcohol in general
  • Those who want to be masters of all their surroundings

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