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Ethical Hacking Using Metasploit Hacking Operating System

A guide to hack computer systems like a black hat hacker using Metasploit Hacking operating system.


Metasploit is one of the best Hacking operating system. Black Hat hackers and Ethical Hackers use that operating system for hacking computer systems. In this course you will learn and understand how to use Metasploit so that you can computer systems just like Black Hat Hackers and also protect against hacking attacks. First of all you will learn some of the basics then we will move forward advanced hacking topic. Metasploit is the world’s leading open-source penetrating framework used by security engineers as a penetration testing system and a development platform that allows to create security tools and exploits. The framework makes hacking simple for both attackers and defenders.

What’s in this comprehensive Metasploit hacking course?

  • Basics and Introduction

  • Using Metasploit(Hacking Operating system) to hack computers

  • Exploiting New Vulnerabilities

  • Using advanced MSFC for hacking

The Metasploit Framework is a Ruby-based, open-source framework that is used by information security professionals and cybercriminals to find, exploit, and validate system vulnerabilities so it will give you a very good background for hacking computer systems and also defending Black Hat hacking attacks. This hacking operating system consists of various exploitation tools and penetration testing tools. Cybercriminals can maliciously use these same capabilities from Metasploit to identify and exploit vulnerabilities on a target system. It’s an in-demand skills that you must have to defend towards cyber attack and hacking any system!

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who want to learn how to do Hacking
  • Anybody who want to learn about using Hacking Operating System
  • Anybody who want to hack using Metasploit

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