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Debate Writing

Debate writing – Meaning, Format, DO’s and Don’ts, Tips with six examples


1. What is the meaning of debate?

2. What is the meaning of debate writing?

3. Whether there is any difference in taking part in a debate and debate writing?

4. What is the format of debate writing?

5. What is the meaning of Introduction/Salutation in debate writing?

6. What is the meaning of Problem/Strong points in debate writing?

7. What is the meaning of Solution in debate writing?

8. What is the meant by Conclusion in debate writing?

9. What are the various DO’s of debate writing?

10. What are the various things which we should not do while writing a debate?

11. What is the marking scheme for debate writing in the examination?

12. What is the normal range of words which we should use while writing a debate?

12. Understanding the concept of Debate writing with six debates.

i) Online classes are the future of education – For the motion.

ii) Online classes are the future of education- Against the motion.

iii) Traditional classroom learning is better than online learning- For the motion.

iv) Pre-Board exams are a waste of time.- Against the motion

v) Should capital punishment be abolished?- For the motion.

vi) Should capital punishment be abolished- Against the motion

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  • Students who are interested in learning about Debate Writing

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