Crafting Your Career: Expert Tips for a Winning Resume

13 Useful Resume Writing Tips


1. What is the meaning of resume?

2. What is the purpose of a resume?

3. Whether resume is an exhaustive list of everything you have ever done? Comment.

4. Why should we update our resume from time to time?

5. Do you agree with the statement that resume serves as a marketing tool to sell yourself to potential employer. If yes, why?

6. Whether it is correct that a well-crafted resume increases your chances of being selected for an interview?

7. What is the meaning of an action verb?

8. What is meant by tailoring your resume to the job description?

9. Normally what should be the size of resume?

10. While writing resume, what is meant by using the right font?

11. Why should we reduce or eliminate unnecessary white space while writing a resume?

12. What will happen if we include old or irrelevant information in our resume?

13. Why should we prioritize important information higher on our resume?

14. Why should we support our achievements with hard numbers while writing our resume?

15. Normally what is the appropriate margin size on all sides of your resume?

16. Why should we save our resume in a common format?

17. Before sending our resume, why should we ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors?

18. What are those factors that affect how long a recruiter will spend reading your CV?

19. Which of the two methods is better for proofreading resume – using a printed copy or a computer screen?

20. Why should we ask someone to proofread our resume?

21. What is the meaning of homophones?

22. While proofreading, we should print our resume in a different font. Why?

23. How long are recruiters spending reading your CV?

24. How the average time spent by a recruiter reading a CV goes down?

25. How can our resume receive much more attention than the industry average of 6-8 seconds?

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to increase their chances of being called for interview by prospective employer

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