Conflict Management – How to Deal with Difficult People

Emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, positive psychology, neuroscience and hypnosis for conflict management.


  • Do you live with an aggressive person at work or at home?

  • Do you have difficulty dealing with difficult people?

  • Don’t know how to say “no” and impose yourself without the other person getting hurt and without generating conflicts?

  • Do you feel exploited by people and don’t know what to do about it?

  • Do you suffer from depression or have low self-esteem?

  • Do you feel emotionally deprived?

If you said “YES” to one of these questions, then this course on the Psychology of Conflict Management is for YOU!

What will you learn in the conflict management course – how to deal with difficult people?

  1. Why it’s important that you know how to raise your emotional intelligence (section 1)

  2. Develop a mindset of peace and gentleness through non-violent communication and avoid conflicts (sections 3 and 4)

  3. Compassionate Communication: How to Understand and Interact with Violent People (section 4)

  4. Use NLP Psychology of the 3 levels of perception to overcome conflicts (section 3)

  5. Learn how to raise your emotional intelligence in a simple and fast way (section 7)

  6. Develop the same peace mindset ie conflict resolution psychology as Mahatma Gandhi by living “ahimsa” or “non-violence” in your daily life (section 6).

  7. Use empathy and self-empathy to deal with conflicts (section 5)

  8. Discover the psychology of well-being and emotional healing (section 7)

Why you can trust me as an instructor for the conflict management course – how to deal with difficult people?

  • Because I have been working for several years working in hypnotherapy and transpersonal therapy. For that very reason, I have several Ericksonian hypnosis techniques and meditation tips to share with you.

  • Because I have already participated in several courses and seminars on non-violent communication and conflict management, knowing the technique in depth in conflict resolution.

  • I already have more than 17,000 students in more than 100 countries.

You have 2 options:

  1. Attend classes in this Compassionate Communication course, connect with your power and self-confidence, earning the respect and admiration of the people around you. Just click and subscribe

  2. Not taking this conflict resolution course and continuing to suffer aggression and abuse, feeling devalued and harboring more and more resentments and hurts. Continuing to go through trial and error in relationships and learning over years that would only take a few minutes of watching classes on this course.

So, don’t waste any more time, join us and apply now!

Who this course is for:

  • For people who want to have a good relationship with co-workers
  • For people who want to reduce their stress level on and off the job
  • For those who want to become a high performance professional
  • For those who want to have good relationships at home, at work and in their daily lives
  • For those who want to increase their emotional intelligence and consequently their prosperity

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