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Complete Guide to Master HiveMQ

Learn how to construct a message system using HiveMQ


This course teaches different kinds of student how to construct a message system using HiveMQ:

Notification system :

Message system

IoT Ecosystem

MQTT is an Internet of Things (IoT) communications protocol that adheres to OASIS standards. It is intended to link faraway devices with a tiny code footprint and low network traffic by acting as a very lightweight publish/subscribe message transport. A wide range of sectors, including the automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, oil and gas, etc., utilize MQTT today.

One of the top organizations in the world for linking machines, devices, and applications is HiveMQ. Based on the IoT standard communication protocol MQTT, our solution, the HiveMQ MQTT Broker, offers completely secure and always highly available data flow between connected devices and the cloud. HiveMQ is used in production by over 130 clients, including several Fortune 500 businesses, for mission-critical use cases including linked automobiles, shipping, Industry 4.0, and connected IoT goods.

Data can be moved effectively, quickly, and reliably to and from connected devices thanks to HiveMQ’s MQTT broker. HiveMQ allow the development of linked goods that support emerging digital enterprises.

The purpose of the course is to design and develop event driven architecture using HiveMQ broker, and the different components of this architecture : Publishers, subscribers.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developer
  • IoT Developer and Designer
  • Phd Student
  • Master Student
  • Bachelor Student
  • Software Architecte
  • Socket and network programmer

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