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Learn everything there is to know about the three main clouds – AWS, Azure and GCP


*October 2023 – NEW updated content including in-depth Big Data section and “How to get work in the Cloud section”!

Perfect for beginners – or those who know one cloud and wish to become multi-cloud experts! 

Learn about:

  • How to determine requirements of your Cloud Architecture

  • General principles of designing Cloud systems, such as de-coupling, redundancy, load balancing etc.

  • Learn about the types of Cloud systems including public, private and hybrid

  • Learn what types of services are provided in the cloud – IAAS, PAAS, SAAS, CAAS, FAAS and more.

  • Learn AWS from 101 to Solution Architect Professional level

  • Learn Google Cloud from 101 to Google Cloud Professional Architect level

  • Learn many aspects of Azure Cloud and how it compares to AWS and Google Cloud

  • Reference architectures for many application types in AWS, Azure and GCP and how to determine the best components in those architectures to meet your requirements

  • Compare components in the different clouds:

    • Database options in AWS vs Azure vs GCP

    • File storage and data lake options in the three clouds compared

    • Network components compared across all three clouds

    • Security issues in the three main clouds (including Zero trust principles)

    • Identity and Access Management, Authentication, Authorization and MFA

  • Big data – how to implement it in the different clouds

    • Data lakes

    • Data pipelines/ETL

    • Data warehousing

  • IOT systems in the different clouds

  • Compliance/Governance issues and how to use Cloud components to make Compliance easy

  • Explore Hybrid/Multi-cloud architecture issues and migrations

  • Learn all about DevOps, CI/CD and DevSecOps – what it is and why you need it for Cloud systems

  • How to get certified in AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

  • Learn about monitoring, testing and security in all three clouds

  • Learn deployment strategies and which meet your needs best

  • Learn principles of testing and how to build testing into your CI/CD pipeline effectively

  • Plus many Tools, tricks, ebooks, links and other sources of information about the cloud

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn all about the Cloud. All three clouds Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure
  • From beginner to Solution Architect Professional in all three main cloud computing environments

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