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Certified Agile Professional (CAGP)

For managers


Welcome to Certified Agile Professional (CAGP) Assessment by GURUCAN Institute.

This assessment aids employees and companies in certification procedures. However, Udemy doesn’t yet provide certificates for exam-oriented courses. After successful completion, you can:

  • Add the assessment / certification info to your CV/LinkedIn profile (choose GURUCAN Institute as an Educational Provider).

  • Email welcome@gurucan.net with screens of finished tests to receive a GURUCAN diploma.

We will send the link for the certification test

GURUCAN is a global institute focused on higher & professional education.

The CAGP certification is highly sought-after and is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of professionals applying Agile principles. The certification can significantly boost careers, increase employability, and open exciting career opportunities.

It also offers benefits to companies, including increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and greater adaptability to rapidly changing market conditions.

For organizations, having Certified Agile Professionals brings increased efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced team performance, and adaptability to change.

The benefits of this certification extend beyond personal career growth. Companies with Agile Certified Professionals can expect increased efficiency in project delivery, enhanced customer satisfaction rates, improved team performance, and adaptability to change in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Thank you for chossing Gurucan for your certification


Who this course is for:

  • This course is ideal for anyone seeking a Management role certification
  • This course is ideal for anyone preparing for exams at other certification and learning providers.
  • Agile Managers
  • Agile practitioners

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