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Certification Angular 4 Guide

Comprehensive angular crash course! Get to know some of the most essential angular topics now!


No conversation about Angular is complete without touching upon AngularJS. You may have heard it used in reference to different Angular versions. The term “AngularJS” is used for any version 1.x of Angular. Just to let you know how far back that is, Angular version 7 was released in mid-October of 2018, and version 8 is slated to be released by April of this year.

The biggest difference between AngularJS and other versions is that the former uses JavaScript while the latter use TypeScript (hence the “JS” in the former’s name!). AngularJS also has a steep learning curve and is more complicated than its successors. While it’s still around, it’s been outpaced by other frameworks as well as subsequent Angular versions.

In fact, over the last few years, AngulaJS has lost ground to ReactJS as the framework of choice among JavaScript developers. That’s why if you want to learn Angular, it’s a good idea to tackle the most recent iteration. If you’re already familiar with AngularJS, then it’s time to upskill and take your knowledge to the next level. Best to move on!

If you’re wondering why you should learn Angular, then maybe you should ask yourself this key question…

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building client apps with HTML, CSS and TypeScript. If you want to establish yourself as a front-end or a full-stack developer, you need to learn Angular.This course was crafted to benefit absolutely any level of developer. We will start from scratch and learn how to create a development environment for Angular 5+, Setup Angular CLI and learn all of the fundamentals. We start by building a sandbox application to look at all of the main Angular concepts as well as building a logging application, then move to a much more advanced client management system with authentication and data storing with Firebase’s new Firestore platform.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who want to learn AngularJS

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