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Career choosing and Career Counselling

Career choosing and Career Counselling – meaning, when and why


Today’s topic is a very important topic. While choosing a career, we want :

-the parent’s desires get fulfilled,

-our wishes also get accomplished and

-to grow financially indefinitely.

In most of the cases, our parents tell us the success stories of other students and accordingly, they choose the career for us as per their thinking and version of the environment. In many cases, when we do not agree with the career chosen by our parents and they ask us what we want to become in life, we do not have the answer or we are confused. Even the parents are not at fault. Their thinking is influenced by what other people say or what they have observed or seen in their daily life.

In this course, we will discuss:

1. Why decision regarding career is one of the most crucial decisions of our lives?

2. What are those factors which normally affect the choosing of career?

3. Why some individuals change career?

4. What are the important points which should be considered while choosing a career or job or considering a career change?

5. What is Career Counselling?

6. When to hire Career Counsellor?

7. Importance of Career Counselling Or Why career counsellor?

8. How can we find a career counsellor?

9. Write a few lines on Career Counselling process.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested to learn about Career Choosing and Career Counselling

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