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Boost your career with effective communication!

How to navigate successfully at work while staying true to yourself


Imagine a future where you feel energized and powerful on your way to work every day. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel confident, to see the limitless opportunities in your career and to seize them? What if anger and insecurity were long gone? Imagine yourself talking joyfully with coworkers and your boss, knowing that every day takes you further.

If you

  • keep working long hours hoping that somebody will notice but nothing happens

  • have had enough of going in circles, thinking about how you should have responded

  • feel that you are not living up to your potential and that makes you resentful

  • want to hide after something went wrong

  • are afraid of speaking up for yourself which makes you angry at yourself

  • feel nervous before an appointment with your boss and before meeting because you are afraid to be blamed

then this course was made for you!

After going round and round in circles for many years, I finally discovered that one tool that helped me change my life for ever. Now I want to share this secret with you! In this course I will show you how you can use nonviolent or effective communication easily to achieve more success at work.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • prepare for hard talks and resolve conflicts peacefully and fully without being afraid

  • address issues that have been getting on your nerves for a long time

  • make sure you feel good every day

  • talk to your coworkers and bosses in a confident way

  • leave resentment behind and feel relaxed and powerful at work

  • open up opportunities that seemed impossible before

You will get access to:

  • 18 video lessons, short and to the point, with worksheets to help you practice

  • My stories to illustrate how nonviolent communication works

  • A self-empathy routine to recharge your batteries

  • Tips for advanced learners of nonviolent communication

Are you ready for a successful and fulfilling career? I can’t wait to see you inside.

Here’s to your success!


Who this course is for:

  • People who want to make progress in their career but don’t know how
  • People who are fed up with keeping quiet at work
  • People who want to say what bothers them at work instead of exploding on the inside
  • People who keep on repeating unpleasant conversations in their head but never speak up for themselves
  • People who want to show more confidence at work
  • Everyone who wants to resolve conflicts peacefully instead of being afraid to address them
  • Everyone who has built so much resentment at work that it hurts and who feel angry at themselves

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