Automating Podcast Production & Cloning Your Voice with AI

Learn how to create podcast with AI generated podcast host and clone your voice with AI


Welcome to Automating Podcast Production & Cloning Your Voice with AI course. Here, in this course, you will be fascinated by how far artificial intelligence has advanced nowadays. If I told you a couple years ago that you can generate a full podcast and clone your own voice using AI, most likely, you won’t believe those technologies actually exist. Nonetheless, what if I told you that today you can utilise AI to generate a full podcast episode and not only that you can also clone your voice, then, integrate that new voice to your podcast host that was created using AI. For those of you who might assume that the process is going to be very complicated, you are mistaken. As matter of fact, the process is relatively simple and straightforward, all you need to do is to describe what would be the topic of your podcast and do some minor customisations like choosing your podcast host and choosing the voice for that host. Meanwhile, for cloning your voice, all you need to do is to upload an audio file of your sample voice and artificial intelligence will automatically generate the clone version of your voice. In the introduction session, you will learn basic fundamentals of the podcast and you will also get to know several strategies that can be implemented to retain your podcast viewers.Then, continue by going over several podcast topic ideas that you should consider, such as alternate history, science fiction, and politics. Afterward, you will also learn how artificial intelligence can help you to automate and speed up your podcast production process, such as converting text to speech, removing background noise, and generating content scripts for podcasts. In the next session, you will extensively learn the technology behind AI voice cloning as well as get to know more about AI tools that we will be using, such as Speechify, Play HT, and My Vocal AI. Then, we will also go over several podcast hosting platforms that you might want to consider, for example Spotify, Pod Bean, and Cast box. Once you’ve learnt all necessary knowledge about automating podcasts and cloning voice with AI, you will enter the main section of the course which is the project session. In the first project, you will be guided step by step on how to create podcast episodes using AI tools like Pod Bot, Pod Castle, All in Pod, Slayer, Magic Cast, and Pod Pilot. Whereas, in the second project you will learn step by step on how to clone your own voice using Speechify, Play HT, and My Vocal AI. Once both projects have been completed, you will also learn how to monetise your podcast through several business models as well as how to grow your podcast audiences.

First of all, we need to ask ourselves these questions, why should we automate podcast production using AI? And why should we clone our voice? Well, in my opinion, there are many reasons why, first of all, podcasts have been getting a lot of attention in the past few years as more and more people started to get their entertainment, information, and education from podcasts. Therefore, it is definitely not surprising to know that the market value of podcasts in 2023 has reached more than twenty three billion dollars and it is still projected to increase in the next couple years. This is basically a strong indication that podcasts have a bright future and there is a huge potential for you to turn this side hustle into a sustainable business. In addition to that, as artificial intelligence has advanced very rapidly in the past few years, why not integrate AI with podcasts to automate and speed up the production process. Can you imagine how much time and energy that you can potentially save if you utilise AI to its fullest extent.

Below are things that you can expect to learn from this course:

  • Learn basic fundamentals of Podcast and several strategies to retain your podcast views

  • Learn how AI can help you to automate and speed up your podcast production process

  • Learn the technology behind cloning voice using AI, from sample voice data collection to speech synthesis

  • Get to know several platforms to host your podcast like Spotify, Pod Bean, Pine Cast, Spreaker, and CastBox

  • Learn how to generate a podcast content using Podbot AI, All in Pod AI, Slayer AI, Magic Cast AI, and Pod Pilot AI

  • Learn how to convert text to speech using Pod Castle AI

  • Learn how to remove background noise from the audio using Pod Castle AI

  • Learn how to clone your voice using Speechify AI, Play HT, and My Vocal AI

  • Learn several business models to monetise your podcast

  • Learn several efficient marketing strategies to promote your podcast and reach broader audience

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested to start a podcast
  • People who are interested in incorporating podcast to their contents
  • People who are interested to clone their voices using AI

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