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Attacking Active Directory with Advanced Techniques With Lab

Attacking Active Directory Advanced – Red Team Hacking


Course Overview: The “Attacking Active Directory with Advanced Techniques” course is an intensive and hands-on training program designed for cybersecurity professionals, ethical hackers, and penetration testers who wish to elevate their skills in exploiting and attacking Active Directory (AD) environments. This comprehensive course covers a wide array of advanced techniques that participants can use to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in AD systems, gaining invaluable insights into securing AD infrastructures effectively.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Reconnaissance: Learn advanced reconnaissance techniques to gather critical information about Active Directory infrastructures, including domain controllers, users, groups, and trusts. Understand how to map out the AD environment to identify potential attack surfaces and weaknesses.

  2. Exploiting with Poisoning and Relay: Dive into techniques like NTLM relay attacks, SMB relay, and Kerberos ticket manipulation to exploit AD systems through various attack vectors.

  3. Active Directory User Enumeration Exploits: Master the art of extracting sensitive information from AD users and groups, and use this data to launch targeted attacks.

  4. Hacking Active Directory with Metasploit: Understand how to utilize the powerful Metasploit framework to launch sophisticated attacks against AD environments, including exploiting vulnerabilities and post-exploitation activities.

  5. Hacking Active Directory Certificate Services: Explore techniques to exploit Certificate Services in AD environments, bypassing security mechanisms and gaining unauthorized access.

  6. MSSQL Servers Exploitation: Learn how to identify and exploit misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in MSSQL servers integrated with Active Directory, potentially leading to privilege escalation and data exfiltration.

  7. User ACL Exploits in Active Directory: Delve into Active Directory’s Access Control Lists (ACLs) and understand how to manipulate permissions to gain unauthorized access and escalate privileges.

Who this course is for:

  • Cybersecurity professionals and penetration testers seeking to advance their knowledge of Active Directory exploitation.
  • System administrators and IT personnel responsible for securing Active Directory infrastructures.

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