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Arabic Language part II: A comprehensive & practical course

This is part II: the course for beginners who intend to learn how to read and write in Arabic for different purposes


The Arabic language II course is a complete course for learners who have completed Arabic I. it is a collection of videos and worksheets for anyone who wishes to learn Arabic in a simple and innovative way. The instructor tried to make the videos and the worksheets as simple as possible to help his students keep up with this language and let them enjoy learning. As the instructor kept saying throughout the videos, he is always ready to give feedback, guide his students, and correct their assignments via e-mails. The instructor used clear videos with pictures and real-life situations and contexts from Arabic culture so as to get his students engaged in Arab world culture and pick up the language smoothly and easily. The instructor wishes his students the best of luck and encourages them to never give up learning a new language. It is an amazing and enjoyable journey through which you are going to explore a new culture, make new friends, and develop new business.

The course is a collection of lessons from Arabic language that go with the level of students and try to help them express themselves in Arabic. The learners will be able to use the present, the past and the future correctly in this level. They will also learn how to use prespositions, time expresessions, and talk about their daily routines and hobbies. Moreover, the learners will talk about weather, family, and friends and do shopping using Arabic expressions.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for everyone willing to master ARABIC language

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