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American English Vowels for Indian IT Professionals

The American Accent: American English Pronunciation for Indian IT Professionals: Part I- Vowels


In this American English pronunciation course, specifically designed to meet the needs of speakers from India,  you can acquire an American accent by learning to accurately produce the American vowels which Indian speakers of English often confuse.  These tricky vowels include learning to distinguish between “peek” and “pick” and between “look” and “Luke.”  Also learn to distinguish between “bone and “born” and many other troublesome pairs.  Confusing these pairs can make you incomprehensible.  All of the vowels are organized and presented in a chart so you can learn to compare and contrast each one.  Then you’ll learn not to confuse them.  Tongue exercises are also given so that you can learn to produce the vowels in an American way, relying more on your tongue and less on other parts of your face.  After learning how to make each consonant with simple, every day vocabulary, Computer professionals can then learn to reduce or minimize their accents in an IT vocabulary context.  Sentences will contain the target vowels inside of computer and technology related vocabulary words.  Repetition audio practice is included in the downloadable materials so you can repeat the target phrases on the go until the correct pronunciation becomes part of your muscle memory!  You can just practice 10 minutes here and there to improve your vowels.  You can also attend the instructor’s monthly office hour on Zoom- for free.  You can ask questions about what you’re learning in the course and ask the instructor to correct you or check your pronunciation.  The instructor is passionate about English and sharing its beauty with others. 

Who this course is for:

  • Advanced English language learners from India, who work in the American IT industry

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