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Overcome Ethical Issues With Big Data, AI Integration And Crisis Events Using Fundamental Philosophical Models


The business world is always transforming in exciting and interesting ways. With new technologies come excellent opportunities for your company to boost its efficiency and grow at an exponential rate – AI and Big Data being a couple of examples.

However, with every new business integration comes a new wave of ethical questions. This course will run you through various advanced ethical issues your business might encounter – technology-related and others – and how you can implement fundamental philosophical models to resolve them. For example, you will learn about how to make use of Big Data in an ethical manner, as well as the safe integration of artificial intelligence within your business.

You will also learn how to maintain strong, ethical relationships with transnational businesses, such as distributors, suppliers and partner brands.

Whilst ethics is mostly wrapped up in theory, it is most useful when you know how to apply it correctly. This advanced ethics course will also teach you the practical applications of philosophical frameworks, and how to use them in real-life scenarios. More specifically, you will learn how to use ethics in crisis events, as well as understand the correct procedures to follow depending on the type of crisis you are dealing with.

Put all this together, and you have a set of content that will help you master advanced business ethics with ease.

Who this course is for:

  • Managers and team leaders looking to develop thinking pattern that enable them to make difficult business decisions.
  • Managers who hope to implement cutting edge technologies in areas such as marketing, and for general streamlining.
  • Employees who deal with and resolve crisis events within their company.
  • Young professionals and students who are interested in a career in management.

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